According to Global Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market Size, Forecast, Analysis & Share Surpass US$ 130.822 Bn By 2028, At 20.80% CAGR

Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market

The global healthcare mobility solution market size was worth USD 42.10 billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow to USD 130.822 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 20.80 % over the forecast period. The report analyzes the healthcare mobility solutions market’s drivers, restraints/challenges, and the effect they have on the demands during the projection period. In addition, the report explores emerging opportunities in the healthcare mobility solutions market.

Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market: Overview

The growing use of tablets and smartphones in healthcare solutions, a focus on patient-centric mobility applications, improved connectivity to improve the quality of healthcare solutions, improved cost efficiency of mobility solutions leading to streamlined workflow, a shortage of nurses & doctors encouraging the adoption of mobility solutions, and strong uptake of wireless networks like 3G & 4G are all factors driving the market’s expansion. However, the absence of standardized communication protocols and reimbursement regulations, data security concerns, the limited battery life of mobile computers, infrastructure and cost difficulties, and other factors that offer significant obstacles to the growth of the global healthcare mobility solutions market.

Nevertheless, their tried-and-true technique and distinct fundamentals have allowed them to keep on top of the most recent service developments and provide their clients with a full range of advantages. It is generally creating the apps using cutting-edge technology and in compliance with legal requirements. It continues to expand to provide users with better experiences. They can reduce reaction times while increasing all service levels and productivity. A few advantages of the healthcare mobile solution include its applications for better mobility and patient care to boost productivity levels.

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COVID-19 Impact:

Both the healthcare system and the economy have been severely damaged by COVID-19. The COVID-19 epidemic has burdened the world’s healthcare system, and richer nations are likely to endure a slump in the economy. Revenue in the healthcare sector has decreased by 50 to 70% since March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The epidemic has forced a number of small hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to close their doors. Social exclusion and municipal curfews have forced the postponement of elective surgical procedures. While, encouraging the use of electronic health records, monitoring health on a constant basis, and providing care in the safe vicinity of one’s home are seen to be benefiting the healthcare mobility solution market.

Key Insights

  • The global healthcare mobility solution market is estimated to witness growth at a CAGR of 20.8% during the forecast period.
  • The global healthcare mobility solution market size was worth USD 42.10 billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow to USD 130.822 billion by 2028.
  • In North America, the healthcare mobility solutions market accounted for the highest share during the forecast period.
  • By application, the enterprise solutions segment accounted for the largest market share during the forecast period.
  • By product & services, the mobile devices segment accounted largest market share.

Healthcare Mobility Solution Market: Growth Drivers

Increasing use of electronic health records is boosting the healthcare mobility solution market

The market for healthcare mobility solutions is expected to be stimulated by the government’s increasing efforts to promote the use of electronic health records by healthcare facilities. Healthcare institutions use electronic health records to improve documentation accuracy and take preventative actions. To increase the standard of patient care, governments in a number of developing nations are introducing electronic health records for healthcare organizations, which is providing promising opportunities for the market for healthcare mobility solutions to grow.

Healthcare mobility solution market is growing as more individuals are using smartphones

One of the main reasons propelling the growth of the global healthcare mobility solutions market is the increased use of smartphones among the general population. In addition, the market for healthcare mobility solutions is expanding as a result of an increased emphasis on patient-centric mobility applications and greater utilization of cutting-edge connections to enhance the caliber of healthcare solutions. Additionally, the market has benefited from the increase in demand for these products due to their affordability and usability, which has improved workflow and led to doctors promoting their use.

Healthcare Mobility Solution Market: Restraints

Limited data integration and a lack of data privacy are hampering the market growth

Security and privacy worries are predicted to hinder the market development for healthcare mobility solutions. Ensuring data privacy and security is one of the greatest problems that providers of healthcare mobility solutions face. Identity theft, medical data alteration, unauthorized data, and data hacking have all grown to be significant security and privacy issues in recent years. Furthermore, it is anticipated that a lack of data integration may restrain the market growth for healthcare mobility solutions. Although consumers and clinical professionals worldwide prefer mobile devices and healthcare applications to manage and track healthcare outcomes, mHealth applications’ limited ability to exchange and access information hinders the market’s rapid expansion for healthcare mobility solutions.

Healthcare Mobility Solution Market: Opportunity

Increasing aging population poses an opportunity for market growth

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2050, there will be 1.5 billion more people worldwide who are elderly. The number is increasing quickly and is anticipated to increase soon. The increased incidence of chronic illnesses, infectious diseases, and targeted disorders is the cause. Older folks require frequent health checkups since they are more susceptible to such ailments. As a result, emerging areas deploy healthcare mobility solutions for routine exams. As a consequence, throughout the duration of the projection, the global healthcare mobility solutions market is expected to rise due to the rising elderly population.

Healthcare Mobility Solution Market: Challenges

Breaching of data is proving to be a major hurdle for the healthcare mobility solution market

Mobility products for the healthcare industry are seeing substantial developments. The current challenge faced by the healthcare sector is real-time data organization and interpretation. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common in the healthcare sector and are dangerous since they don’t trigger any security alerts. As a result, the global market for healthcare mobility solutions would face significant challenges from data breaches throughout the anticipated period.

Healthcare Mobility Solution Market: Segmentation

The global healthcare mobility solutions market is segmented into products & services, applications, end-user, and region.

Mobile segment dominates the market with highest market share

Based on products & services, the healthcare mobility solutions market is segmented into mobile devices, mobile applications, and enterprise mobility platforms. Mobile devices are further segmented into mobile computers, RFID scanners, barcode scanners, and others. Due to the rising popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as the widespread usage of uninterrupted 3G & 4G networks, which encourages the adoption of these gadgets, the mobile devices category retained the greatest share. Mobile applications have shown to be highly successful in raising knowledge of the causes, preventative measures, and therapeutics for chronic illnesses.

Providers segment holds the significant growth during the forecast period

On the basis of end-user, the healthcare mobility solutions market is segmented into payers, providers, and patients. Providers are further segmented into hospitals, laboratories, and others. Due to the widespread use of business mobility solutions in hospitals for preserving electronic health records, managing, treating, & analyzing patients’ health online and delivering medical education, healthcare providers held the greatest market share as of 2021. Additionally, one of the major drivers of category expansion is the social media industry’s growing influence.

Recent Developments

  • June 2020: Fitbit Inc. unveiled a brand-new ready-for-work solution that enables employees to access critical health data from their Fitbit device. It permits recording of temperature as well as symptom exposure.
  • May 2020: ThousandEyes, Inc., a cutting-edge platform, was purchased by Cisco System Inc. A San Francisco-based company called ThousandEyes Inc. offers internet and cloud information.
  • October 2019: Cerner Corporation and AbleVets, a strategic IT consulting and engineering firm, struck a binding agreement.Healthcare Mobility Solution Market: Regional LandscapeNorth America to dominate the global market during forecast periodNorth America topped the global healthcare mobility solutions market ahead of Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. Growth in the developed markets of North America is being fueled by the development of cutting-edge mobility solutions, the quicker adoption of smartphones and related advanced connectivity and networks, an increase in chronic diseases, and the presence of significant mobility solution companies in this region.In a contrast to the North American and European sectors, demand in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa markets is primarily driven by expansion in the larger healthcare industry. The need for healthcare mobility solutions is being driven by factors including the growing number of healthcare systems, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other ambulatory care settings. The adoption of mobility solutions in developing nations throughout the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa markets is being driven by the increased prevalence of chronic illnesses and disorders that call for ongoing patient monitoring, as well as the growing awareness of the advantages of mobility solutions in healthcare.Directly Purchase a copy of the report with TOC @

Competitive Landscape

  • Oracle Corporation
  • SAP SE
  • McKesson Corporation
  • Cerner Corporation
  • Zebra Technologies
  • Philips Healthcare
  • AT&T Inc.
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Omron Corporation
  • Airstrip Technologies Inc.
  • Microsoft Inc.
  • Apple Inc.
  • Qualcomm Inc.
  • IBM Corporation
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) Inc.
  • Verizon Communications Inc.

Global healthcare mobility solution market is segmented as follows:

By Product Type

  • Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise mobility platforms
  • Others

By Applications

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • mHealth Applications
  • Others

By End User

  • Payers
  • Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Patients
  • Others

By Region

North AmericaThe U.S.Canada

EuropeFrance The UKSpainGermanyItalyRest of Europe

Asia PacificChinaJapanIndiaSouth KoreaSoutheast AsiaRest of Asia Pacific

Latin AmericaBrazilMexicoRest of Latin America

Middle East & AfricaGCCSouth AfricaRest of Middle East & Africa

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