Embroidery Digitizing Cost: A Transparent Approach to Pricing

Embroidery Digitizing Cost

The embroidery digitizing process is the base of embroidery. Let me explain this process. In this process, the digital image or design is converted into a set of instructions. The embroidery machines read these instructions to proceed further. This process is integral to embroidering things. If you want to start the business of embroidery, then you must have to go through this process. It is quite a complex process.

Let me give an idea bout the cost of embroidery digitizing. This process is not very costly if you want simple and basic digitizing of designs, but if you want high-quality digitizing, complex designs, and particular type of fabric, large number of colors then this will cost you much. These are some additional demands which increase the price of the embroidery digitizing process.

Factors that Affect Embroidery Digitizing Cost

Some other factors can affect the cost of embroidery digitizing. Let me mention some more factors so you can get more awareness. 

Design intricacy: There are both types of designs in the market. It is the customer’s choice which design he or she wants for his or her product. Simply, there is less effort required to make a simple design, less time is required, and a smaller number of things can be enough to make a simple design whereas it is difficult to make a complex design. Much effort is required, more time is required, and digitizers have to consider good material for the complex design to ensure accuracy. So, it is obvious complex designs cost a higher price than simple designs. 

Design Size: The digitizer also differentiates the designs with their sizes. Both large and small designs can made but the difference is large size design is not easy to make. It requires time, effort, and a large number of things like a large number of threads, a large number of stitches, and many other things in large quantities while small-sized designs are easy to make. It does not require much effort, time, and material in a large quantity. Ultimately when all these factors are applied while making a large-sized design it will cost you much higher. 

Fabric type: There are many types of fabric in the market. Some are expensive and some are inexpensive. Their prices are dependent on their quality. If the quality is good, then that fabric is expensive and if the quality is moderate then the fabric is economical in price. If you want high-quality fabric for your designs, then digitizers will surely demand a higher price for it. Just keep this in mind while searching for a fabric.

Digitizer experience: There are both experienced and inexperienced digitizers available in the market. There are fewer chances of mistakes when an experienced digitizer is digitizing embroidery designs whereas when an inexperienced digitizer is digitizing embroidery designs, there are more chances of mistakes. I am not saying that an inexperienced digitizer will produce bad results. I just want to mention that experience is such an important factor, and it has a very strong impact while digitizing embroidery designs. So, it is quite obvious that experienced digitizers are more expensive than inexperienced ones.

Pricing Approaches for Embroidery Digitizing Services

There are two types of pricing. People pay in which they are comfortable. I am mentioning those methods below:

Flat rate: Some digitizers offer fixed pricing for their services. This is called a Flat rate. In this method, the price of the service remains the same as they are mentioned. The digitizers can’t increase or decrease the prices. In this method the prices are not dependent on the customer demands like simple or complex design, large or small design, good or normal fabric. Whatever the demand is, the digitizer has to be fulfilled at the same price.

Hourly rate: As the name shows the digitizers charge the money per hour. In this method, the price is calculated according to the hours of the digitizer’s work. The digitizers have some fixed-hour rates. When the digitizer works more hours, the prices are calculated according to the hours. This method is useful when there is a need to make complex designs or for business because businesses need quick digitizations.

How to Get a Fair Cost for Embroidery Digitizing Services

You can get a fair price for embroidery digitizing services if you follow the instructions that I am going to give you. Must get quotes from multiple digitizing services. This will help you to get an idea about the prices of digitizing services.  This is the best way to compare the prices of different companies and find the one that fits your budget.

There are some other factors which you have to consider as well with the price factor. These factors are quality and turnaround time. Must consider these factors also because it might be possible that you may get an affordable digitizing company, but that company does not produce high-quality embroidery, or it does not deliver the results in time. So, pay attention to these factors.

Here are some additional tips to get a fair cost for embroidery digitizing services:

Be clear about your needs. Some customers create so much confusion while telling their requirements. I advise you to simplify your requirements. The simpler the requirements you tell, the more it will be easy for the digitizer to fulfill. So don’t be complex at this point because ultimately it will affect your results.

Get multiple quotes. As I mentioned this point above don’t hesitate to get quotes. Get it from multiple companies so you can have an idea of which company is offering services at affordable rates. Getting quotes from multiple digitizers can help you ensure that you are getting a fair price.

Get some information about discounts. Many digitizing companies offer discounts on their services. While searching for a digitizing service, must ask for discounts. Don’t hesitate to ask for it. It’s the customer’s right Don’t leave the discount offer because it is a blessing in terms of having the best service at a low price. Always avail of this offer!

Negotiate. When you are free from telling your requirements, the digitizer will calculate the price according to your requirements. If your requirements are complex, then the price will be high but if your requirements are simple then the price will be not too high. If you get a high price, there is an option of negotiation with the digitizer. By negotiating with the digitizer, you can lessen the price.


Keep in mind that not every digitizing service has the same rates of digitizing process. The cost of it varies from company to company. It depends on certain factors. Those factors are mentioned in this article. These are some major factors that affect the cost of embroidery digitizing. It’s not difficult to get a fair price for embroidery digitizing. You just need to get quotes from different digitizers, once you get a quote, negotiate with the digitizer. Also, ask for discounts. This will help you to avail the services at the best possible rate. Do not miss that opportunity if any service will give you a discount.

I hope you have learned how to get a fair price for the embroidery digitizing process through the digitizing service.

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