Tips to help you manage chronic pain this summer

Chronic pain is a constant battle that presents many difficulties. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) roughly 51.6 million U.S. adults (20.9%) suffered from chronic pain as well as 17.1 million (6.9 percent) suffered from chronic pain with high impact in 2021.

Despite its widespread but it can be challenging to control, especially in summer, when social activities and events are plentiful. But, it’s important to discover ways to alleviate symptoms so that you can enjoy the summer to the fullest. Here are some tips to help you manage your chronic discomfort this summer.

Avoid Alcohol

The summer season is the time to enjoy joyful celebrations and unforgettable moments with family and friends. It is important to keep in mind how important it is to reduce your alcohol consumption as the results of excessive drinking could harm your health. Consistent drinking can cause damage to your nerves, and increase the likelihood of sleep issues and discomfort.

It is suggested for women to restrict their drinking to a maximum of one drink a day, and men should aim for not more than two drinks. If you are aware of your alcohol intake and limiting your alcohol intake, you can reduce your pain and enjoy the benefits that summer brings.

Try Yoga

Yoga has become an effective method of managing chronic buying oxycontin online, due to its emphasis on relaxation, strengthening and flexibility by stretching. The specific poses offered by yoga pay focus on different areas of the body. They provide relief and enhanced mobility. Other benefits of yoga are:

Improved mood

Energy efficiency has increased

Joint pain relief

And much more

Yoga is an excellent option to explore this summer. There are a variety of ways to start your yoga practice at home, or in a group setting. There are many instructional videos on the internet and skilled instructors that offer advice for those who want to integrate yoga into their daily routines.

Avoid Lying in Bed Too Long

It is generally believed that adults get seven to eight hours of rest each evening to get enough sleep. In reality, sleeping habits that are not optimal caused by chronic pain could be a serious problem. People who are suffering from pain might suffer from sleep loss and disrupted sleeping patterns that may aggravate their condition.

However, it’s crucial to set regular sleep and wake times which are compatible with your human body’s normal rhythms. Making your bed only for sleeping and sex purposes, instead of other pursuits like watching or reading, will also aid in improving the quality of your sleep. Furthermore, staying in bed for a long time can cause:

Weaker bones and muscles




Instead, you should look for activities that are low-impact and allow you to enjoy your summer time away from your sleeping. Some examples include:



Chatting with an acquaintance


Movies to watch

Organizing your space

Improve Your Diet

A healthy diet is essential for general health. To reduce inflammation, your doctor might suggest an anti-inflammatory diet. Reduced consumption of food items that trigger inflammation, like red meats and refined carbohydrates will aid in easing chronic pain.

Foods that you should add to your diet include:

Whole fruits

Dark green leafy vegetables



Whole grains

It is crucial to realize that this isn’t one-time fix but long-term preventive measures. Selecting nutrient-rich foods and avoiding the foods that trigger inflammation can help control inflammation, ease pain and improve overall well-being.

Talk to Your Boss

If you’re having difficulty performing your job because of an injury, having a chat with your supervisor could be essential to receive the assistance you need. While the conversation might feel uncomfortable, it’s crucial to understand that revealing your condition is an individual choice and is not a requirement for the position.

If you decide to share you will be able to choose the amount of information you will provide to your colleagues. That means that you may talk about only the limitations and changes your supervisor has to be aware of in order to assist you in your job. Through open dialogue, you could be able to come up with solutions that let you be productive despite the pain.

Ask for a Flexible Work Schedule

Flexible work hours is a great option to work in a position that is prone to chronic pain. If you notice that your buy oxycontin online is higher in the later hours of the day, think about talking to your supervisor about working an earlier shift. Another option to consider is a hybrid position which combines working in the office with remote work.

If you require breaks in the middle of the day, it may be a good idea to take only one long break instead of multiple smaller breaks. Do not hesitate to speak with your boss to develop an individualized solution that works for all those affected. If you do this you can increase your productivity and comfort at work.

Try an Ergonomic Setup

If you are in a workplace you might want to consider considering an ergonomic desk arrangement. These desks are designed to improve posture and ease discomfort, especially in the neck, back and shoulders.

A well-designed ergonomic setup consists of the following key elements:

Your computer screen should be placed right in your face.

Keep your hands at 90 degree angle.

Your thighs and legs should be aligned with your seat.

Your feet should be flat to the ground.

If you make a few changes to your work space there could be improvements in your comfort and work efficiency. It’s crucial to keep in mind that although an ergonomic workspace may be beneficial but it should not replace other therapies or treatments suggested by your doctor.

Contact Integrated Pain Solutions

If you’re feeling discomfort in the summer months, you have many strategies you could employ to control it while at work or at home. It is important to collaborate with a qualified medical professional in order to design an individual pain management strategy that is specific to your requirements.

The team comprised of pain specialists from the American Pain Consortium is here to assist you. We’re committed to offering our patients solutions that help them deal with their pain effectively.

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