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A basketball player’s significant other understands that the game is more than just a hobby. If you’re dating a basketball player, you know that the sport is a huge part of his life. You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to understand that, but you need to appreciate their gear and how close they are to their teammates. Here are some of the best gifts for basketball lovers that he’ll definitely appreciate.

1. 3D Basketball Charms

A basketball player’s significant other will appreciate these 3D basketball charms’ uniqueness. Not only are they made of one-of-a-kind silicone material, but they also come with three interchangeable charms. The team captain’s charm is a must-have, as are the lucky charm and the birthday charm. They’re small, but they’re sure to add flair to a bracelet or necklace.

2. Basketball Necklaces

Of course, your basketball-obsessed guy will like the 3D basketball charms, but he’ll also love having a more traditional-looking basketball necklace. They come in various different styles, and some even come gift-boxed with a card describing the basketball. This is a great gift for any guy who’s into basketball!

3. Favorite Basketball Player’s Jersey

A jersey is a unique gift idea that the basketball player in your life will appreciate. They come in various styles, including authentic basketball jerseys that replicate the exact design of the basketball teams’ uniforms. If you want to go all out, this is a great gift, but it’s also a nice gift if you can’t afford an authentic jersey. They’re still great for display!

4. Favorite Basketball Player’s Poster

This is another great gift idea if you’re looking for something a little more unique. A poster can really complete a room, and the basketball player in your life will love the added decoration. It’s also an especially great gift if the basketball player in your life has a favorite basketball player! You can find posters of a variety of different basketball players online. Some are official posters, while others are just fan-made.

5. Rastaclat NBA Key Ring

This is another unique gift idea that not everyone will choose. However, it’s a great way to show your basketball player that you care. A keyring is a practical gift, but it’s also a unique present that your basketball player will love to receive. You can find a key ring with most NBA logos, from popular teams to less well-known ones.

6. 3D Basketball Night Lights

There are a few different night lights on the market. However, the ones that are shaped like basketballs are the most popular. Night lights are a bright, modern gift that can be used in any room. They can be used to light up the room, or they can just be décor. The night lights aren’t too expensive and make a great gift for any basketball player.

7. Hand-painted Ceramic Mugs

The hand-painted ceramic mugs are a great way to show your basketball player that you care. Placing a personalized phrase or quote on the mug is another great idea, too. They can use the mug during the day to store pens, pencils, paperclips, post-it notes, erasers, or other small belongings.

8. NBA 2K22 Basketball Video Game 

The NBA 2K22 video game is a great gift for basketball players. The game can be purchased for the PS3, the Xbox 360, the PS4, or the Xbox One. The game is pricey, but it is usually worth the price. The game offers everything a basketball player would want from a video game.

9. Basketball Backpack

This is a stylish and functional backpack that will make any basketball player’s life a lot easier. Not only can you fit a laptop and a basketball, but you can also carry several accessories. There’s a water bottle pocket on the side, a phone pocket, and several mesh pockets for small items. It’s stylish, functional, and affordable.

10. Arm Sleeves and Knee Sleeves

Every basketball player needs to protect their knees and their arms during the game. These sleeves will help them do just that. The sleeves are made out of Neoprene, and they’re anti-odor, anti-bacterial, sweat-wicking, and they keep the skin from chafing. They’re also easy to wear and remove.

11. Basketball Planters

These planters are a great gift for any basketball player who’s also a gardener. The planter comes with a basketball hoop, which you can move around as you please, and the soil is aerated. It’s a great way to let your basketball player grow plants while playing the game he loves.

12. Basketball Hoop Lights

This light is an excellent gift for every basketball player that likes to play in the dark. The light system is easy to install and can be mounted on ceilings or walls. The light system comes with remote control, sync, and dimming features.

13. Dribbling Goggles 

These goggles help any basketball player. When dribbling, a player needs to keep his eyes open and look straightforward. These goggles help a player to do that and are adjustable. The adjustable strap on top can be tightened, so the base of the goggle stays in place. The goggles are made from lightweight and durable plastic.

14. Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts are excellent gifts for any basketball player. Shorts can be worn during warm-ups or at practice, and are great for games or going to the gym. These shorts are made from polyester and are available in different sizes.

15. Tickets to a Basketball Game

Tickets to any basketball game can make a great present for any basketball player. The best part is that they are very affordable! This way, the basketball player gets to enjoy the atmosphere and the thrill of being at the game.


No matter if they’re a professional player or just a casual one, any guy will be happy to have any of these basketball gift ideas. If you’re not sure what to get your guy, then any of these is sure to be something that he’ll love.

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