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Many businesses prefer to use electronic documents as often as possible. The choice makes sense because electronic documents reduce printing costs by eliminating the need for paper, power, and toner/ink. 

They also make document storage much more manageable because they are stored on a hard drive rather than in a file cabinet or box somewhere.

However, electronic documents pose some risks. One of the most common is the possibility that the document will be altered after it has been created and sent. This can occur if someone gains unauthorized access to the document or if the document is simply edited without the author’s knowledge.

What Exactly Is A Digital Signature, And Why Is It Essential?

Official documents have little value unless they are officially signed. A digital signature is much more difficult to forge than a traditional handwritten signature. 

A digital signature is a mathematical formula used to verify the authorship of a document. Because the formula is based on the contents of the document, if one character in the document is changed, the digital signature will no longer be valid. 

This helps to ensure that the document has not been tampered with. It also helps to confirm that it comes from a reliable source.

Electronic signatures are also becoming more common as businesses shift to electronic transactions. In many cases, a digital signature is just as good as a physical signature. 

Handwritten Signatures vs. Electronic Signatures

The benefits of electronic signature are much more when compared to a handwritten signature. To make an e-signature difficult to forge, only the keys used to generate it must be kept secure.

When applied to a PDF document, the digital signature includes a graphical representation of your signature. The e-signature can also appear as handwriting or in any font you prefer. It can then be saved in the software under a common name of your choosing in the location of your choice.

A time stamp displaying the date and time you signed the file can also be added to your signed document. This results in the creation of an official record of the event.

Why Are Businesses Using Electronic Signatures?

Here are some of the reasons why your company should switch to free electronic signature software right away!

  1. Budget-friendly

An e-signature not only saves thousands of dollars in paper waste, but it also reduces storage, delivery, and transportation costs and can cut many costs in half.

  1. Eco-friendly

Due to the present situation of the planet, many businesses are going green, and there’s no better way to do so than by implementing an e-signature. Not only will your customers and clients be more willing to work with you, but you will also be ahead of the competition and life will be much easier.

  1. Speed and efficiency

If you’ve ever had to negotiate and collect signatures before, you know how long the process can take from start to finish. 

A platform that allows electronic signatures in the negotiation process is a quick and accurate online solution that allows you to start working immediately rather than waiting for a signature. 

This process also helps to reduce the complexity of printing, signing, delivering, storing, and more, and can easily be captured with the click of a button, making work move faster and improving efficiency on both ends.

   4.  Enhanced customer service

Customers today expect immediate responses and results, and traditional signing can take a long time, causing your clients to take their business elsewhere. 

An e-signature can shorten your turnaround time and provide your clients with immediate access to their documents from any device, such as their smartphone, laptop, or computer, and from any location, allowing you to meet your deadlines more quickly.

5. Private and secure

When sending or shipping documents and files locally or nationally, a lot can happen. They can be stolen, lost, misplaced, accessed by third parties, or even destroyed in certain mishaps or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or fires. 

An e-signature is protected by online digital encryption and can be accessed from any location and at any time. This is sealed, stored, and protected against malware, viruses, hackers, and other applications so that both parties can sign it safely and securely.


Finally, electronic signatures are becoming increasingly important in our increasingly digital world. Their importance comes from their ability to streamline and simplify the document signing process, improve security, reduce paper waste, and enable efficient remote collaboration.  

e-Signature Software for Small Business has become a valuable tool for transactions, legal agreements, and personal documents, providing convenience, cost savings, and legal compliance. 

The importance of electronic signatures in our daily lives is expected to grow as technology advances, making them an essential component of modern communication and documentation.

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