Which Dragon Ball Z Fighter Can Withstand Whis’ Training?

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The Dragon Ball universe is renowned for its formidable warriors, and among them, the Z Fighters stand out as Earth’s last line of defense against intergalactic threats.

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and other Z Fighters have faced powerful foes like Frieza, Cell, and Buu, pushing their limits to protect their planet and loved ones.

However, even for these superhuman warriors, the path to greater power is never-ending, and one entity has offered training so challenging that only a select few may survive it Whis, the angelic attendant to the God of Destruction, Beerus.

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the strengths and weaknesses of the Z Fighters and determine which of them could potentially withstand Whis’ rigorous training regimen.

Goku – The Endless Seeker of Power

When it comes to determination and pushing one’s limits, Goku is the paragon of the Z Fighters. His unwavering resolve and thirst for combat are what propel him to continually grow stronger.

Goku has a unique affinity for adapting to new techniques and powers, often developing innovative methods mid-battle to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

His indomitable spirit and Saiyan heritage make him an ideal candidate for Whis’ training.

However, there’s a downside to Goku’s training potential. His insatiable hunger for combat may lead him to prioritize the thrill of battle over discipline and technique.

Whis’ training demands not just physical prowess but also the mastery of advanced martial arts and the ability to control one’s energy with precision.

Goku’s history of neglecting these aspects of martial arts could be a hurdle in his ability to withstand Whis’ training fully.

Vegeta – The Proud Prince of Saiyans

Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince, is no stranger to rigorous training. His pride, competitive spirit, and determination to surpass Goku have driven him to great lengths in his pursuit of power.

His relentless training routines, often in the Gravity Chamber on Beerus’ planet, have helped him achieve immense strength.

Vegeta’s disciplined and focused nature makes him a strong candidate for Whis’ training. He possesses the ability to harness his rage and transform it into power, as seen in his numerous transformations.

However, his pride and overconfidence can be a double-edged sword. Whis’ training requires humility and an openness to learning, traits that Vegeta has struggled with in the past. Whether he could set aside his ego long enough to endure Whis’ training remains a question.

Gohan – The Scholar Warrior

Gohan, once the great hope of the Z Fighters, possesses vast untapped potential. As the eldest son of Goku and Chi-Chi, he has received rigorous training from his father and Piccolo.

Gohan’s intelligence and studious nature set him apart from the rest of the Z Fighters. He has a unique blend of physical strength and strategic thinking, making him a valuable asset.

However, Gohan’s potential has been underutilized in recent years, as he focused on his studies and family life.

Whis’ training could be the catalyst to reawaken his dormant power. His calm and analytical mindset may serve him well in understanding the intricacies of Whis’ teachings.

Still, his lack of recent combat experience may hinder his ability to adapt quickly to the rigors of the training.

Piccolo – The Wise Mentor

Piccolo, once a fierce enemy, has become one of the Z Fighters’ most trusted allies. His Namekian heritage allows him to fuse with other Namekians and continuously evolve, making him a versatile fighter. He is known for his tactical acumen and ability to strategize during battles.

Piccolo’s disciplined approach to training and his willingness to adapt could make him a strong candidate for Whis’ training.

He has the capacity to learn and implement advanced techniques quickly. However, Piccolo’s power level, while impressive among Earth’s warriors, still lags behind Goku and Vegeta.

Whether he could bridge that gap through Whis’ training remains uncertain.

Krillin – The Determined Human

Krillin is one of the few human Z Fighters who has managed to keep up with the Saiyans and Namekians in terms of combat ability.

His indomitable spirit and determination to protect his friends and the Earth have earned him respect among the Z Fighters.

Krillin’s human limitations, such as his lower power level compared to Saiyans and other races, might make it challenging for him to withstand Whis’ training.

Whis’ regimen is not just physically demanding but also involves harnessing and controlling one’s energy to the highest degree. Krillin’s potential may be capped by his human physiology.

Tien Shinhan – The Disciplined Monk

Tien Shinhan, a skilled martial artist and former rival to Goku, possesses incredible discipline and mastery over various techniques.

He has demonstrated the ability to perform techniques like the Tri-Beam, which showcases his control over his life force energy.

Tien’s disciplined and stoic personality aligns well with the kind of training Whis offers. His willingness to push himself to the limit and explore new techniques may make him a surprising contender.

However, like Krillin, his human limitations could hinder his ability to keep up with Saiyans in terms of raw power.

Android 17 – The Unstoppable Android

Android 17, originally a human who was modified into an android, has proven to be an exceptionally powerful fighter.

His infinite energy source grants him a unique advantage over other Z Fighters, as he doesn’t tire during battles.

Android 17’s stamina and endurance make him a strong candidate for Whis’ training, which demands continuous effort and discipline.

However, his lack of a traditional life force energy source could be a disadvantage in learning some of the more energy-centric techniques that Whis might teach.


In the world of Dragon Ball, power levels are ever-shifting, and the potential for growth is limitless. Each Z Fighter possesses unique strengths and weaknesses that would impact their ability to withstand Whis’ training.

Goku’s adaptability and determination, Vegeta’s pride and focus, Gohan’s dormant potential, Piccolo’s discipline and wisdom, Krillin’s human limitations, Tien’s discipline and mastery, and Android 17’s endless stamina all factor into their suitability for Whis’ training.

In the end, it’s difficult to definitively state which Z Fighter could withstand Whis’ training, as it largely depends on their willingness to adapt, learn, and overcome their weaknesses. Perhaps the true test of a Z Fighter’s potential lies not in their current power level but in their capacity for growth and evolution.

One thing is certain Dragon Ball’s Z Fighters are always ready to face new challenges, and if Whis were to offer his guidance, they would undoubtedly give it their all in pursuit of greater power and the protection of their beloved Earth.

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