5 Things Vegeta Does Better Than His Archnemesis in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball Z

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime franchises ever made. It is still regarded as the pinnacle of shnen.

The story of Dragon Ball follows Goku on his quest for glory and power. Saiyans have been an important component of the series, with Goku and Vegeta being two notable examples.

While Goku is the main character, he is constantly in the spotlight; in other ways, the Saiyan Prince outperforms him.

5 Things Vegeta Does Better Than His Archnemesis in Dragon Ball Z

1. He Channels His Rage And Becomes Ultra Ego

Vegeta uses his wrath as a weapon in battle. All Super Saiyans are said to have a high level of fury within them. Goku dislikes giving in to his violent side. Vegeta, on the other hand, has learnt to channel his wrath into a new form, Ultra Ego.

It’s essentially a rawer, more aggressive form of Goku’s Ultra Instinct. While Goku regards his wrath as a burden, Vegeta has learned to harness it for his own benefit.

2. He Respects His Wife And Her Wishes

Goku and Vegeta live an unusual life in comparison to other shnen characters. Both of these boxers are married and have children.

Goku regards his training as far more important than Chi Chi’s wishes and frequently keeps her in the dark. Vegeta, on the other hand, adores Bulma and constantly gives in to her wishes.

When she became pregnant with his second kid, he refused to leave her side. He also respects her because he did not let Beerus to insult her.

3. He Executes His Enemies And Doesn’t Give Them A Second Chance

Goku has a knack for giving his foes second chances. After watching the series, it’s evident that the protagonist has a knack for bringing his adversaries down the path of repentance.

Goku will only kill his opponent if he has no other choice. This has caused the main character unnecessary grief on multiple occasions.

Vegeta, on the other hand, is a different story. He’ll make sure to kill off his opponents, and he’ll also step in and assist others in finishing off their adversaries if they’re hesitant.

4. With More Intense Gravity Training, He Pushes Himself Further

The Dragon Ball series is notable for featuring characters who are capable of annihilating entire planets. They do, however, appear to be pursuing greater power.

Training becomes difficult for the characters in the story after they achieve a certain degree of power.

In some situations, Intense Gravity Training has proven to be quite beneficial. Vegeta practises Gravity Training on Earth on a regular basis, which allows him to tolerate at least 400 times the Earth’s gravity!

5. Carrying On Saiyan Customs And Honoring His People

It was revealed in Dragon Ball Z that the series’ protagonist, Goku, is a Saiyan. Goku is unfamiliar with his own race’s customs and civilizations.

Goku doesn’t recall much about his home planet, thus he is disconnected from his memories, let alone the culture. Vegeta, as the Prince of Saiyans, makes every effort to preserve his culture’s ideas and practises.


In conclusion, while Goku may have the edge in raw power and victories in combat, Vegeta’s character is rich with qualities that make him a stand out figure in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

His evolution, unwavering determination, tactical prowess, love for his family, and the complexities of his pride make him a character who continues to resonate with fans and contribute significantly to the enduring appeal of the series.

In the end, it’s not just about who wins in a fight, but the depth and dimensions of character that truly define Vegeta as a formidable and unforgettable presence in Dragon Ball Z.

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